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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the purpose of TuneWars?
    TuneWars was founded in 2021 to be a launchpad for aspiring musicians. We recognize how difficult it can be to get your name out there as an artist. We also know that the promotional process favors those who have rare industry connections, large amounts of advertisement money, or brands that happen to fit the mold of the few record labels that control the industry. At TuneWars, we uphold one primary conviction: it should be up to the people to decide what music they want. We do not have a small panel of judges. Instead, our decentralized ranking system allows the community to determine everything. Any artist can rise to the top based on their merit. If you're looking for a place to have a direct impact on artists' futures, promote or explore new music, and connect with emerging fan bases, TuneWars is the place for you.

  2. How does the contest work?
    Community members are presented with randomized pairs of anonymous songs from the competition database. Once a song is favored among the two options in each pair, their respective ratings are changed based on a modified Elo algorithm. At this point, the information about the match's winning song is fully revealed to the user. Every song has an equal probability of being matched up against any other song regardless of rank. This decentralized, iterative form of voting helps eliminate bias. At the end of each season, the artist of the highest ranking song receives the prize money. Songs are then recycled into the next season alongside new entries.

  3. Why are season deadlines tentative?
    In order for competition to be lively, there must be a reasonable number of new contestants. If there are less than 100 new contestants for the current season, TuneWars may announce a season deadline extension. Otherwise, the current season deadline will become definite.

  4. Are there separate contests for different genres?
    One of our goals is to implemement genre-specific contests. In order for that to be viable, we will need to wait for the community to expand to a sufficient degree. Once there are enough contestants from different genre backgrounds, we can begin to create new contest categories with separate prizes. The best way to make this happen quickly is to show your support and stay involved with the TuneWars community. The Season 1 competition is a proof of concept, and we are excited to test new features as we grow.

  5. Have any other questions? Feel free to contact us!